SqoolTube Videos is owned and operated by SqoolTechs, LLC. SqoolTechs, an educational technology company, was founded by a  group of educators consisting of Dr. Diana Dell, Kevin McCarthy, and Vince Szewczyk. SqoolTechs, LLC mission is reflected in the acronym Sqool which stands for “Supporting Quality Online Opportunities for Learning.”  In pursuit of this mission, SqoolTechs, LLC offers a wide variety of services to K-12 districts, schools, teachers, and educational organizations.

Video is powerful and has become an important component in modern learning environments due to its ability to create meaningful learning experiences. Video reaches students with various learning styles and generates excitement about a subject, topic, or idea. Students enjoy learning experiences with integrated video and retain more information because video engages both the senses of sight and sound.  

When it comes to searching and navigating large multipurpose video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, the task of locating appropriate educational video can be overwhelming, The content on these sites ranges greatly not just in subject matter but also in quality. SqoolTube's goal is to simplify the process of finding high quality instructional video for use in modern learning environments. SqoolTube is a directory of curated educational video that has been organized by subject, topic, and keyword.

The SqoolTechs Team can be contacted using this form.